“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”

                                                                                                          Nelson Mandela



About Us 

The International Deployment Group (IDG) is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with operational points of deployment around the world. 

With an assembled team of security experts with ‘real world’ operational experience ranging from Special Forces to operators and analysts from within the intelligence community. Our teams have been on the front-line of conflict serving our nations with pride and distinction.

Offering a comprehensive array of security and other related services; ranging from protecting commercial operations in developing countries: providing emergency medical support to the provision of close protection and training teams to governments around the world.

We provide an operational capability to address the threat from those intent on inflicting harm, causing damage and bringing economic hardship to others.

Providing unique solutions to specific problems; International Deployment Group (IDG) stands ready to deploy the resources you require to successfully complete the mission.





Our Mission     

Our mission is to protect those who bring peace, justice and economic benefit to the world.

Our Vision      

To be recognised as a market leader in the provision of protective security services.

Our Values          

We shall act in accordance with international standards for human rights. Be responsible for our actions and accountable to the governments, communities and companies we serve and protect.