Bankrupt The Enemy, Win The War

Eliminate Black Money

Pursue Those Who Fund Atrocities And Commit Crimes Against Humanity

Investigate Those Who Misappropriate International Funds

Trace The Money, Disrupt The Flow, Seize The Assets

Identify The Aiders And Abettors

Bring The Guilty To Justice

Protect The Basic Human Rights Of Others

Dismantle The Networks

The International Deployment Group (IDG) is a Security Company providing protective security services to the international community.

Our mandate is to provide protective security and other related services to those companies, organizations and governments who are engaged in making accountable and bringing to justice those who fund atrocities and crimes against humanity, or who support real economic benefit.

With the operational experience and capability to provide elected governments and others with the necessary force protection; military and law enforcement training; we are committed to supporting democracy and the International Rule of Law.

Providing unique solutions to specific problems; International Deployment Group (IDG) stands ready to deploy the resources you require to successfully complete the mission.


“Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done”


                                                                                                             George W. Bush 


Our Mission

Our mission is to protect those who bring peace, justice and economic benefit to the world.

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Our Vision

To be recognised as a market leader in the provision of protective security services.

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Our Values

We shall act in accordance with international standards for human rights.

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